May 2017 – Andy; HobNob-ing our way around site

Me and the team are rarely at our desks; our job’s done much more efficiently if we’re out and about at our clients’ sites and head offices. We like to get out and meet the hirers – and see how our labourers, tradespeople, support and administrative staff are getting on, on site.

But what’s the most important thing we can take on a site visit? You might think it’s our business cards or our portfolio – but it’s actually the biscuits! It’s a braver man than me who’ll walk onto a site empty handed and we find that – especially with new clients – the site team are always very welcoming if we’re carrying a few snack favourites.

Drop me a line with your favourite biscuit, be it a Bourbon, a Jaffa or a custard cream, I’d love to come and meet you on site for a brew and a natter.

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