Looking for a new job in 2019

Looking for labouring work 2019

We wish you all a very happy 2019! What will 2019 mean for you? New resolutions, new job? 

We have several opportunities;

– Assistant Site Manager – Cheshire region (must be experienced for 2 years + and currently employed in the same role)

– Accounts Assistant – Stockport

– ISO Auditor – Edinburgh / Glasgow / Manchester

– Quantity Surveyor (House Build) – Manchester

– Quantity Surveyor (Fit-Out) – Manchester

– New Homes Sales Advisors – Swindon and Manchester

To find out more please contact 

Laura Spencer, Senior Recruitment Consultant on 0161 429 2818 or you can email l.spencer@ccsrecruitment.co.uk

November 2017 – Sean; Finn’s fighting for change


I’m often on the hunt for new charities and causes to support; one cause in particular recently caught my eye  – the Finn for Change campaign which I came across via Twitter.

The initiative, which started life as a petition with more than 127k signatures, is aimed at securing status and protection for police dogs and horses on duty. The campaign has gathered so much momentum that in early 2018 a book about the backstory will be released.

I have enjoyed hearing more about it through Tweets I’ve exchanged with the charity’s founder – and dog Finn’s owner – Dave Wardell. Check him out and learn more here.

August 2017 – Andy; interviewing tips for site managers

We’ve worked with hundreds of you site managers; we know that you work very hard to get your projects over the line, so taking time out to interview personnel for site jobs isn’t always something that’s prioritised.

You’re all great at doing your job and managing the complexities that come with a contemporary construction site, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re prepped and trained to interview and fulfill a HR role too.

The main objective in an interview is to set aside some undistracted time to get to know a prospective employee. Your goal is to build up an initial rapport and understand more about the person sitting opposite you. Rigid and restrictive interviewing may well stifle that so it’s best to use open-ended questions that will make the candidate feel comfortable, open up and elaborate on their skills and what they can bring to site.

To help your next interview, we’ve prepared some starter questions; feel free to use them or call me if you want to have a chat and get more interviewing advice:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What’s the best site you’ve worked on in your career? And why?
  • Why do you want to work on our site?
  • What do you know about this site? And our company?
  • What’s your favourite part of the job?
  • What’s life like outside of work? How do you spend your weekends and evenings?
  • Looking back on your working life; what’s the best thing you think you’ve ever done?



May 2017 – Andy; HobNob-ing our way around site

Me and the team are rarely at our desks; our job’s done much more efficiently if we’re out and about at our clients’ sites and head offices. We like to get out and meet the hirers – and see how our labourers, tradespeople, support and administrative staff are getting on, on site.

But what’s the most important thing we can take on a site visit? You might think it’s our business cards or our portfolio – but it’s actually the biscuits! It’s a braver man than me who’ll walk onto a site empty handed and we find that – especially with new clients – the site team are always very welcoming if we’re carrying a few snack favourites.

Drop me a line with your favourite biscuit, be it a Bourbon, a Jaffa or a custard cream, I’d love to come and meet you on site for a brew and a natter.